Miqipi/Building Linux47

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Getting The Souce

 $mkdir miqi_root
 $cd miqi_root
 $git clone https://github.com/mqmaker/miqi-linux-build.git build
 $git checkout -b linux remotes/origin/miqi/linux
 $git clone https://github.com/mqmaker/linux-rockchip.git linux-rockchip
 $git checkout -b linux remotes/origin/miqi/v4.7

Building Firmware

 $cd build

If success, we will get a firmware at build/pack/out directory. We can flash the firmware to the board with following command

 $sudo ./pack/upgrade_tool_v1.21/upgrade_tool uf pack/out/update.img

Adding Your Own Rootfs

You need to modify the build.sh script, it's quite simple!